The DatabaseConnectionHandler allows easy access to a MySQL database through PDO. It includes a singleton pattern which can be used to open up only one database connection throughout the whole project, so that your application not run into handling to many connections to your database. It also has a certain use pattern which returns every result as a single object which holds the result itself and is iterable through different options.

SimpleCacheStore should allow you to save objects persistent in CoreData and recieve them fast via NSCache when you need them. The basic idea is a key-value store in CoreData with a overlaying cache. Once you save an object in SimpleCacheStore it lays persistent in CoreData and will be also available in the cache of your running instance. Also a not cached object will be saved in the cache when you recieve it for the first time.
Dieses Wordpress Plugin fügt in einzelne Posts ein Inhaltsverzeichnis (Table of Contents) über den Shortcode [toc] ein.
Um die Usabilitys zu erhöhen, wird ein zusätzlicher Button in den TinyMCE Editor eingefügt. Dieser vereinfacht das Einfügen des Shortcodes mit zusätzlichen Optionen über ein Dialogfenster.